2020 Stags Matches

In 2020 we are changing our communication system to use Intelligent Golf and the club website. If you have any interest in playing in these matches in the upcoming 2020 season you will have to do a little bit of admin to receive invites to them.  If you do not want to play in Stags matches please stop reading now!

The Stags Section is open to Gentlemen members aged 55 and over. In 2020 we have 20 inter club matches against local teams. Fixtures are played during the mornings starting, generally, at 8.30am.We usually field a team of 6 pairs playing in 4-ball better ball format. In keeping with the friendly nature of the matches lunch follows the golf.

To receive invitations you will need to sign up for the Stags Squad.  This requires you to go to the Club website and from the main menu click on Competitions then click on Matches.  On the Upcoming matches page click on View all squads. You will then see an invite to join the Stags Squad.  Please click on that. If you don't see the invite it is because we have taken the liberty of already adding those of you who played for the Stags last year into the Squad.  Once you are in you will be able to sign up online for the inter club matches by clicking on Set Availability. 

In terms of process, 5 weeks prior to the date of each fixture an email will be sent to the Stags Squad as a reminder.  At that point if it is a match you would like to play in please ensure that you have made yourself available.  The next stage will be team selection and 2.5 weeks prior to the game you will be advised whether or not you have been selected.  To cover for cancellations we will have a number of reserves.

For those who may be new to Stags golf, if selected, there are a number of actions expected of you:

Turn up at least 30 minutes before the first tee off – coffee is usually provided
Stay for lunch, as this forms an important aspect of the inter-club relationship
Make yourself available for the return fixture.  You will be expected to play in both home and away matches. While this is not compulsory preference will be given to those who commit to both matches
For home matches we are expected to buy the opposition pre-lunch drinks

Match fees are collected from your club card. The match fee covers the cost of your golf, a two course meal plus wine and in 2019 the fee was £20. Meal costs have increased and the match fees in 2020 will therefore be higher.  These are still under discussion and will be confirmed by end of February.

The Stags committee is keen to expand the number of Northwood members playing in the coming season and will endeavour to give as many the opportunity to play as possible. Please do take the time to sign up for the Stags Squad.

If you have any questions please contact Stags Secretary, John Bond or Stags Captain, Steve Gilbey.