Northwood Golf Club

Wednesday Weekly Draw Procedure

Here are a list of the steps to be followed each week to determine the pairs and groupings for our weekly meetings.

  • The weekly draw takes place at 1030 every Wednesday.
  • An Excel spreadsheet is used to record and assign a number to everybody's name as they sign up.
  • Numbered discs with the used numbers are placed in a bag, with the exception of the W4B Captain's tile which is pre-allocated to the first position in the first fourball off the 10th tee.
  • When the draw closes, the numbers determine whether a 2 ball, 3 ball or both are required. 
  • All the tiles are drawn out, where necessary the 2 ball is drawn first, 3 ball second then the remaining numbers are drawn in fourballs. The first two numbers are one pair, with the last two the other pair.
  • There are occasions when the draw needs to be amended to accommodate buggy sharing. The most important consideration is to maintain the drawn pairs where ever possible, followed by trying to keep the drawn fourballs together.
  • To accommodate people sharing a buggy (or buggies), they have to be drawn in the same group as the person they are sharing with. Unless they are drawn in the same group naturally, pairs will get swapped between groups. For example, players 1 and 2 are sharing and two of the groups are drawn out like this: 

1/3 and 4/5

2/6 and 7/8

Pairs 1/3 and 7/8 will be swapped over

7/8 and 4/5

2/6 and 1/3

  • Should a buggy sharer be drawn as the person to be assisted in a 3 ball, their sharer's pair will be moved to be the assisting pair. If they are drawn in the assisting pair, they will be swapped into the same group as their sharer as above.
  • Should two people from different buggies be drawn together, the other two sharers will need to be moved individually to be in the same fourball.(Note for future consideration: we could discuss this with the regular buggy users and see if they would be willing to swap sharers in this eventuality so that the two drawn together share and the others stay with their original drawn partners and just moved as above)
  • If we have received a request for an early or late start, their fourball will be moved to the fourth group (first off the 8th) for an early request, or to the bottom group if it's a request for a late start. This is discretionary and groups and pairs shouldn't be changed to accommodate this.

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